At my QTH in Germany!!

4x12 modified DK7ZB Design!!


Nice report of a Newspaper after the first DL contact via the moon with CY0Y/DK2ZF on

144MHz Moonbounce!!




Documentation of a TV Station about EME!!



Guest operator at my station for 2nd part of ARRL EME Contest 2012!!!

The last weekend (30.-03.12.2012) were the second part of the International ARRL EME Contest. This time i had a guest operator at my station. It was OP Tin, DD1IWX aka HS1IWX, who is also known as a QRP EME operator in Thailand. A very interested operator for all kind of weak signal communication. After a short introduction in my station he could manage all himself. Great operator!! He managed to work 32 different stations and 16 different DXCC! Well done and congrats khun Tin!!!!

DD1IWX/HS1IWX happy about the reached points!!
Moon around 3AM UTC on 01.12.2012 at JO44qs